Melanie Brulée – a powerful new Americana voice – will release ‘Fires, Floods & Things We Leave Behind’ on October 19. Inspired by a road trip from Nashville to Las Vegas along Route 66, the music unfolds in widescreen, western textures influenced by Enio Morricone and Quentin Tarantino soundtracks.
She will perform twice at AMERICANAFEST:
Friday, September 14 – Folk Alliance’s Finest Folk @ 12th & Porter – 6:10pm (114 12th Ave N.)
Saturday, September 15 – Canadian Blast showcase @ InDo – 12:45pm (632 Fogg St.).
Her single “I’ll Get Over You” is out now and has already been added to Spotify’s official Down Home Country and Renegade Folk playlists.

The album’s 12 songs are loosely based around the idea of the 12 steps of addiction recovery. It is a tip of the hat to loved ones who’ve gotten sober and those who never did, including her dad. It explores the theme of getting go of habits that are no longer useful. ‘Fires, Floods & Things We Leave Behind’ kicks off with the evocative “I Will,” featuring a western motif and trumpets and would fit on a playlist with Johnny and June’s “Ring of Fire.” “I’ll Get Over You” wrestles with the power of memory but also how to coexist with it. “Pretty Wasteland” was written directly for Brulée’s good friend, who was then newly sober. The hard-driving “Whiskey and Whine” tackles the balance of the past and present while the tender, fingerpicked “Tennessee Years” adds gratitude to love. “Oklahoma Rain” is a character sketch of a roadside breakdown. “We Get Lost” looks to the future with hope and reticence in equal measure.
While she grew up in Canada, Brulée has also lived in France and Australia. She currently lives in Toronto but spends a lot of time songwriting in Nashville. She’s already opened for Kathleen Edwards; won a Stingray Music Rising Star Award in Canada; and joined Chicago’s Strategic Touring for US booking.
‘Fires, Floods & Things We Leave Behind’ Track Listing
1. I Will 2:48
2. I’ll Get Over You 3:32
3. Pretty Wasteland 4:17
4. Can’t Rely on Rain 3:33
5. Whiskey & Whine 3:46
6. Will You Love Me Tomorrow 4:32
7. Tennessee Years 3:12
8. Weak 3:30
9. Oklahoma Rain 4:02
10. Bust It Up & Fix It 4:11
11. We Get Lost 4:21
12. I Will (reprise) 1:27