Salmon's Run


Meet Salmon Warzynski, your typical American twenty-something, back in the States after that middle-class, post-graduation trek through Europe. He never meant to hurt anybody. He only wanted to throw away his cigarette butt. He didn’t want to litter. He had no idea what was in that trash can, and he certainly didn’t think it would explode, destroying Manhattan’s Fulton Street Train Terminal in the process. But it did. Now, with the NYPD, the CIA, the FBI, the mainstream media, and a band of homegrown terrorists all scrambling to catch him, Salmon must run — run for his life… 


Nick Messitte is a New York based writer / composer / producer / engineer / musician / Glocorp Enthusiast.

Currently, Nick Messitte is a contributor for, posting articles focusing on business-oriented music criticism. You can read his output here. He also writes for and He has also appeared on WNYC discussing his work.

His credits as a writer of prose include the short story collection Paranoid Stories for Paranoid People (including “Hills and Valleys”, winner of the Henry Roth Award for Excellence in Fiction).

As a composer, some of his credits include Edfringe’s 2013 smash hit Get Got (music, lyrics), Son of Captain Blood (Music),  Ryker (Nominated best score at Oregon Short Film Festival) and Salmon’s Run (Official Selection of the HEAR now festival, 2018).

As an engineer, his credits range from theater (Rapunzarella White,  Voiceless,  Get Got), to indie rock (Bulletproof Stockings, Leland Sundries), to Alt-Country (Pete Mancini), to post-production (Star Talk Live, I hate myself :), BKPI, and Hey Yun!).

A talent in his own right as a guitarist, pianist, bassist, and drummer, he has performed alongside some great musicians, including pop acts (Josh Groban) respected singer/songwriters (Hawksley Workman), jazz greats (Sam Rivers), and indie rock bands (Leland Sundries).