Led by Sharif Mekawy, Indie Rock Band Shares First Single “You Already” Today

“Almost outside of time… Looms have tapped into something truly special.”

“Delightful indie rock that’s slightly left of center.”

“Mekawy’s wry, poetic and often somber musings are bolstered by his band members’ acute sense of dynamics and pulse. Looms’ songs rise and fall in great waves of evocative tension: You are guaranteed to learn some deeper truth about yourself.”
–Atwood Mag

“Reminiscent of long summer afternoons, wistful and out of time.”
–Disarm Mag

Following praise from the likes of Post-Trash, UPROXX, Atwood Mag, and Flood Mag (who compared them to The War On Drugs), stalwarts of the Brooklyn DIY indie rock scene Looms have announced the release of their new EP The Dogs Of Doubt on October 17. Charting artifacts of attachment and loss, the ambitious songs of The Dogs of Doubt written by Sharif Mekawy are performed with immaculate precision, with the subtleties revealing their charms upon repeated listening, as if in soft focus. Looms get under your skin, with Mekawy’s voice puncturing the unhurried topography of sound.

Mekawy and company have a willingness to explore and dissect an ever-growing spectrum of sounds and genres, building rich, autumnal textures on the EP. First single “You Already,” out today, betrays emotional ambiguity through the falsetto of its hooky chorus and psych-rock closing. “Hologram” starts with a bossa nova-style beat with the sound morphing as Mekawy’s guitar chimes and sparkles lustrously. “Hologram” brings to mind Jeff Buckley or Jim James’ Regions of Light and Sound of God album before it is hijacked by an outro flipped entirely backwards. “The Water,” a lullful end to the EP will be released as the second single, on September 12. “Hills and Valleys” features Mekawy on mellotron.

The Dogs of Doubt was produced by Mekawy.

Looms concerts
August 25 – The Windjammer – Queens, NY
September 14 – Bread Box – Philadelphia, PA
September 15 – Art House – Jersey City, NJ

Looms band members
Sharif Mekawy – vocals, guitar (all), Rhodes, mellotron (Hills & Valleys)
Harry Morris Jr. Harry- guitar (all)
A. Hammond Murray – bass (all)
Louis Cozza – drums/percussion (all)
Fred Copeman – wurlitzer, organ (Hologram), organ, rhodes, synth (You Already)

The Dogs of Doubt also features
Mary Hood – vocals (Hills and Valleys, Hologram, You Already)
Rachel Angel – vocals (The Water)