Folk Unlocked marks kickoff of the Village Fund to help musicians and folk music workers through COVID-19 crisis

Calling all folk music fans! Folk Alliance International (FAI) – the leading non-profit organization for folk musicians and folk music industry – invites lovers of folk music in its many forms to join Folk Unlocked, an unprecedented virtual festival taking place February 22-26; featuring over 800 hours of music from all fifty US states and over thirty additional countries.

In a time of social distancing, the Folk Unlocked virtual festival is a musical trip around the world that marks the launch of the Village Fund, FAI’s grants to struggling musicians and folk music workers during the COVID crisis. As a result of moving online due to the pandemic, the organization is providing unlimited public access to the music showcases for the first time in its history. Last week, Rolling Stone named FAI as one of the “organizations that have been doing some of the most crucial relief work during the pandemic.”

The five-day music event will feature “Spotlight” showcases curated by FAI’s music industry partners including BOSE, CIRCULART (Colombia), Culture Ireland, Music Ontario, Showcase Scotland, Sounds Australia, and many more. It also includes access to the independently produced “Unlocked” showcases by artists themselves or hosted by other presenters. The festival will close with an amazing Global Music Marathon highlighting artists paired with counterparts across the globe. All public performances will be interactive, meaning fans are welcome to join in the chat with artists and fellow fans. Once performed, showcases will remain available for a limited time for later viewing by attendees.

Highlights from the festival lineup include:

* The legendary Los Lobos
* GRAMMY-winning zydeco artist Terrance Simien in addition to his daughter, Memphis-based singer-songwriter Marcella Simien
* GRAMMY-nominated Mississippi bluesman Cedric Burnside, son of the legendary RL Burnside
* Winner of NBC’s The Voice and singer-songwriter Sawyer Fredericks
* GRAMMY-winner Keb Mo
* Songwriting icon Jim Lauderdale
* All-female mariachi band and Latin GRAMMY winners Flor de Toloache
* Stars of the documentary film 20 Feet From Stardom The McCrary Sisters, who “seize and hold the spotlight,” according to the New York Times
* Veteran of Newport Folk Festival and Americana Music Award nominee and AAA #1 hitmaker Jade Bird
* “Stately” Katie Pruitt, with “ballads and choruses to shatter glass” (Pitchfork)
* Americana Music Award Emerging Artist winners, the Nashville soul duo The War and Treaty
* North Carolina gospel family group Dedicated Men of Zion, fresh from their appearance on NPR Music x globalFEST.
* “Inspiring artist” (Ann Powers, NPR) Michaela Anne.
* Australian Independent Record Labels Association winner Emily Wurramara, a proud Indigenous performer from Groote Eylandt, Northern Territory.
* BBC Folk Awards nominee and Irish Music Magazine award winner Karan Casey.
* Irreverent cult favorite, the “talented” (NPR) Steve Poltz
* Canadian First Nations artist William Prince, who plays music from his ancestors in the gospel tradition.
* Brazilian artist Jacqueline Marissol Mwaba, who fuses a diversity of musical influences with the African cultural panorama, mainly with the music of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (original country of her parents).
* Experimental and electronic music from Aguascalientes-born artist ANAN, Natalia Gómez (composer, vocalist, instrumentalist) and Rafael Durand Kick (producer, arranger).
* AJ Haynes of Pitchfork, NPR Music, and Rolling Stone-hailed Louisiana band Seratones.

FAI’s executive director Aengus Finnan exclaimed “We’re thrilled with the depth and diversity of the musical lineup. This event won’t just be close to home, it will literally be in your home, but what is clear is that it is absolutely far from ordinary.”

Folk Unlocked has been called a festival of festivals, with artists from all fifty states in the U.S. as well as Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Egypt, England, Finland, France, Germany, Guyana, India, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Ivory Coast, Mexico, Mongolia, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Scotland, Senegal, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom, and Wales are set to perform, over thirty countries in total.

Fans of folk music can attend the five-day event by making a minimum $25 donation to The Village Fund, which represents a 5% contribution towards each $500 grant FAI will provide in support of folk artists/entrepreneurs experiencing pandemic related financial hardship.

The festival is part of a simultaneous virtual conference that is not open to the public, and requires separate “pay-what-you-can” registration for folk musicians and members of the music industry. The five-day online convention hosts panels, workshops, speakers, an exhibit hall, and network meetings.


All – to learn more about the The Village Fund visit:

All – to view the full artist showcase lineup visit:

Fans – to attend the Festival fans can donate here:

Fans – to simply make a secure online donation to the fund visit:

Artists/Industry – to register for the conference (including access to all showcases) visit:


A.J. Haynes of Seratones
Al Qahwa
Alisa Amador
Allison Russell (Birds of Chicago, Our Native Daughters)
Amanda Magalhães
Amanda Pascali
Amelie Patterson
Ananda Roda
Andrea von Kampen
Anna Mieke
Anna Tivel
Anthonie Tonnon
Arlo McKinley
Atlantic String Machine
Becky Buller
Bella White
Benny Walker
Beny Esguerra and New Tradition Music
Birds of Chicago
Brian Dunne
Canyon City
Cardboard Fox
Cedric Burnside
Chad Elliott
Crying Uncle Bluegrass Band
D’DAT – Delbert Anderson Trio & Def-i
Dan Navarro
Dani Larkin
David Spry
Dean Owens
Deborah Holland
Declan O’Rourke
Deline Briscoe
Dingo Bells
Edjin Duun – Song of Mother – Kalmuk Folk Song Workshop
Elana Dara
Elephant Sessions
Emilsen Pacheco y su bullerengue tradicional de San Juan de Urabá
Emily Wurramara
Emma Charles
Emma Swift
Ensemble Iberica
Eric Gales
Ernest Aines
F/M Duo
Flor de Toloache
François Muleka
G.R. Gritt
Gali Galó
Glen Phillips
Graeme James
Grant-Lee Phillips
Grosse Isle
Hamish Anderson
Hanna Enlöf
Hannah Bethel
Harrow Fair
Hayde Bluegrass Orchestra – Live in Oslo (Norway)
Heather Newman Band
Ian Foster and Nancy Hynes
Idris Lawal
Ila Barker
Inn Echo
Iona Fyfe
Isaac Cates & Ordained
Izzy Heltai
Jackie Venson
Jade Bird
Jeffery Straker
Jelly Toast
Jennah Barry
Jim Lauderdale
Jim Vipperman
John Smith
Jordane Labrie
Josh Sahunta
Joshua Hyslop
Joy Oladokun
Kaiti Jones
Kalani Pe’a
Karan Casey
Katie Cole
Katie Pruitt
Keb’ Mo’
Kelly Bado
Kelly Hunt feat. Staś Heaney
Kerryn Fields
King Cardiac
Kirby Brown
Kora Flamenca
Kylie Fox
Lanita Smith
Last Birds
Lauren Housley
Lauren Morrow
Le Diable à Cinq
Les Chauffeurs à pieds
Les Fireflies
Les SalAmandas
Little Misty
Liz Longley
Los Lobos
Making Movies
Mamselle Ruiz
Marcella Simien
Mariel Buckley
Marissol Mwaba
Mark Erelli
Mary Gauthier
May Erlewine
McCrary Sisters
Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper
Michaela Anne
Mick Flannery & Susan O’Neill
Mimi O’Bonsawin
Minos the Saint
Misty River
Monique Clare
Moscow Apartment
Mr Taylormade and The TaylorMade Band
Nadia Reid
Nathan May
Nobody’s Girl
Nonc Nu & Da Wild Matous
Nora Toutain
Oscar Blue
Palo Cruzao
Petty Chavez
Rissi Palmer featuring James Gilmore
Ruby Velle and the Soulphonics
Rum Ragged
Ruth Hazleton & Daisywheel
Sara Niemietz @ W.G. Snuffy Walden
Sawyer Fredericks
Sean Ardoin
Shane Pendergast
Shelley Morningsong
Sinú Sax Quarter
Siobhan Miller
spencer burton
Stav Mcallister
Steve Poltz
Sukoon Bablani
Sweet Cecilia
Tenzin Choegyal
Terra Lightfoot
Terra Spencer
Terrance Simien
The Accidentals
The Amanda Cook Band
The Black Creatures
The Crescent Sky
The Fox Run Five
The Hamiltones
The High and Wides
The Likes of Jeff Pittman
The Limeliters
The New Orleans Nightcrawler’s
The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band
The Sensational Barnes Brothers
The Texicana Mamas
The War And Treaty
The Wildmans
Tianna Esperanza
Tonye Aganaba
Vinícius Motta
William Prince
Zohra and Sukoon


100 mile house
Aaron Nigel Smith
Abe Partridge
Adam Hurt
Adler & Hearne
Adrian Sutherland
Adyn Townes
Aireene Espiritu
Al Bettis
Al Qahwa
Alana & Leigh Cline
Alana Wilkinson
Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas
Alex Cumming & Nicola Beazley
Alex Leggett
Alex Maher
Alexander Ruwe
Ali Dineen
Alice Bradley
Alice Hasen
Alice Howe
Aline Morales
Alisa Amador
Alistair Moock, Reggie Harris
Aliza Hava
Amanda Pascali
Amanda Rheaume
Amanda Rose Riley
Amanda West
Amelia Robinson
Amelia White
Amelie Patterson
Amy Speace
Andrew Weathers
Angela Saini
Ann Zimmerman
Anna Cordell
Anna Larson
Anna Smyrk
Anna Vogelzang
Annette Wasilik
Annie & Rod Capps
Annie Mack
Annie Oakley
Anthony Ihrig
Aoife Scott
Aram Bedrosian
Arielle Silver
Art Vandalay
Atlantic Folk Trio
Ava Earl
Ayla Brook & The Sound Men
Bay Station
Becky Buller
Ben Cook-Feltz
Ben De La Cour
Ben Grace
Ben Hunter
Benjamin Dakota Rogers
Benny Bleu
Benny Walker
Benoit & Colin
Beny Esguerra and New Tradition
Beppe Gambetta
Berkley Hart
Bernie Larsen
Beth Bombara
Bettman & Halpin
Beverley Street Mini Fest!
Big Little Lions
Bill Nash
Bill Shipper
Billy Watman
Birch Pereira & Jenny Littlefield
Blue Rose Code
Bobby Dove
Brad Coleick
Brad Yoder
Brant Miller
Bri Murphy
Brian Fees
Brian Kalinec
Brian Owens
Brianna Lane
Bridget Fahey
Brooke Annibale
Brother Elsey
Bruno Capinan
Buddy Mondlock
Buffalo Rose
Calista Garcia
Calvin Arsenia
Careful Gaze
Carl Solomon
Caroline Keane & Tom Delany
Carolyn Shulman
Carrie Elkin
Carrie Newcomer
Carsie Blanton
Cary Bilcowski
Cary Morin
Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer
Chad Atkins
Charles Jenkins
Charlie Hickman
Charlie Mosbrook
Charly Lowry
Charm of Finches
Cheryl Cawood & Company
Chev Person
Chicken Wire Empire
Chinese Connection Dub Embassy
Chris Bathgate
Chris Gray
Chris Hamlett
Chris Hudson
Chris Koza
Chris Messytone
Chris Wilhelm
Christie Lenee
Christine Sweeney
Christophe Elie
Cidny Bullens
Claire Anne Taylor
Claudia Gibson
Claudia Nygaard
Clementine Volker
Coda Chroma
Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne
Colin Lillie
Connie Kaldor
Copper Viper
Corner House
Craig Fuller
Cris Jacobs
Crys Matthews
Curtis McMurtry
Daisy Chute
Dan and Faith
Dan Bern
Dan Frechette & Laurel Thomsen
Dan Navarro
Dango Rose
Daniel Bellegard
Daniel Rodriguez
Danny Schmidt
Darlene Raven darlenYa
Darling West
Dave and Carolyn Martin
Dave Bleakney
Dave Kearney
Dave McCann
David Amram
David Berkeley
David Hakan
David Jacobs-Strain
David Luther
David Ryan Harris
David Spry
David Wilcox
De Temps Antan
Dean Owens
Debbii Dawson
Deborah Crooks
Deborah Holland
Deidre McCalla
Del Castillo
Deline Briscoe
Deni Bonet
Devon Sproule
Diana Alvarez
Diana Burgess
Diana Jones
Diana Quinn
Dinty Child
Dione Taylor
Dom Flemons
Don Alder
Dong Xi Music – Tom Teasley & Chao Tian
Donna Herula
Donna Lynn Caskey
Donovan Bourque
Double the Trouble
Doug MacLeod
Dougie Greig
Drea Lake
Dulcie Taylor
Duo Beaudry-Prudhomme
Durham County Poets
Ed and Rhea Goertzen
Eileen Kozloff
Elephant Sessions
Elexa Dawson
Eliot Bronson
Elise Del Vecchio
Eliza Meyer
Ellen Froese
Elliott BROOD
Ellis Delaney
Ellis Paul
Elly Wininger
Elyas Khan
Emily Barker
Emily Triggs
Emily Wurramara
Emma Hill
Emma Swift
Emma’s Revolution
Eric Ramsey
Eric Schwartz
Erin Ivey
Erin McKeown
Ernest Aines
Ethan Azarian
F/M Duo
Fanny Lumsden
Fenn Wilson
Fiona Ross & Shane O’Mara
Fireball Paul Shepherd
Fish And Scale
Flatfoot Flatbush
Fly Little Sparrow
Forest Her Dress
Francesca de Valence
Fritto Misto
Gabriel Campagne
Gabriella Simpkins
Gary Stockdale
Gavin & Chucky
Georgia State Line
Glen Phillips
Grace Givertz
Grace Pettis
Grant Peeples
Great Aunt
Greg Gilbertson
Grosse Isle
Hamilton Loomis
Hannah Cameron
Hannah Judson
Harbottle & Jonas
Harper Bloom
Hattie Lloyd
Heather Aubrey Llloyd and IlyAIMY
Heather Jean Jordan
Heidi Talbot
Henhouse Prowlers
Hiroya Tsukamoto
Holly Arrowsmith
Howard Gladstone
Innes Watson
Iona Fyfe
Isa Burke
J-P Piirainen
J. Robert Miller
Jack Barksdale
Jackson Emmer
Jackson Grimm
Jaimee Harris
Jake Blount
Jake Morelli
James Forest
James Kamp
James Lee Baker
Jan Bell
Jan Seides
Jan Seides
Jana Pochop & Shawnee Kilgore – Part One
Jana Pochop & Shawnee Kilgore – Part Two
Janice Jo Lee
Jason Baker
Jason Vivone and Paula Crawford
Jason Wilson
Jaspar Lepak
Jay Aymar
Jay Ungar & Molly Mason
JC Stringz
Jeanne Kuhns
Jeannine Higgins
Jeff Black
Jeff Smith
Jeffery Straker
Jen Bluhm
Jennifer Hartmann Luck
Jenny & Birch
Jenny Allen
Jenny Carson
Jenny Mitchell
Jeremy Stanfill
Jerrika Mighelle
Jess Klein
Jess Knights
Jessica Heine
Jessica Smucker
Jill Knight Trio
Jillian Matundan
Jim and Sam
JJ Voss
JM Stevens
Jocelyn Pettit & Ellen Gira
Joe “Just Joe” Altier
Joe Jencks
Joe Nolan
Joel Rafael
Johanna Juhola
John McCutcheon
John McDaid
Jon Brooks
Jon Shain and FJ Ventre
Jonatha Brooke
Jonathan Bone
Jonathan Byrd
Jordan Hamilton
Jordan Tice
Josanne Francis
Joselyn & Don
Josh Okeefe
Joshua Burnside
Joshua Davis
Joy Zimmerman
JP Hoe
Judy Kass
Julia Othmer
Julian Loida
Justin Hiltner
Justin Lacroix
Kaeley Jade
Kaiti Jones
Kamara Thomas
Karen K
Kat Mills
Kate Whitefield
Kathryn Lorenzen
Katie Dahl
Kaurna Cronin
Kaylin Smith
Keats Conlon
Kelly Bado
Kelly Brouhaha
Kelly Hunt
Ken Gaines
Ken Gaines
Ken Whiteley
Kenny White
Kerry Patrick Clark
Kerryn Fields
Keyun & the Zydeco Masters
Khristian Mizzi
Kim Beggs
Kim Edgar
Kim Moberg
Kimberley Wheeler’s Roadside Holiday
Kingdom Jasmine
Kris Allen
Kris Angelis
Kris Delmhorst
Kristen Martell
Kusinerna Riippa
Kyla Tilley
Kylie Fox
Kymberly Stewart
Lady Nade
Laith Al-Saadi
Lake Saint Daniel
Larry Folk
Last Birds
Laura Baron
Laura Fernandez
Laura Freeman
Laura Joy
Laurie MacAllister
Le Vent du Nord
Leaf Rapids
Leela Gilday
Les Grands Hurleurs
Lex Land
Liam Purcell & Cane Mill Road
Lily B Moonflower
Linda Marks
Linda McRae
Lisa Ann Wright
Lisa Joyce
Lisa Richards
Lisa Sanders & Brown Sugar
Little Georgia
Little Mazarn
Little Miss Ann
Little Misty
Little Misty
Little Quirks
Livingston Taylor
Logan and Nathan
Los Morales Boyz
Louis Apollon
LowDown Brass Band
Lucien Spence
Lucy Isabel
Lucy Wainwright Roche
Lucy Ward
Lucy Wise
Luke Concannon
Mairi Campbell
Mandy Connell Trio
Maple Run Band
Mara Levine
Marco Calliari
Marcus Santos
Maria and the Band
Maria Dunn
Marina V
Mark Lavengood Band
Marni Sing-Song
Martin Gilmore
Martin Kerr
Mary Bue
Mary Cutrufello
Mason Nesvadba
Matt The Electrician
Maubere Timor
May Erlewine
Maya Dorn
McDermott & North
Megan Downes with Furnace Mountain
Megan Palmer
Mel Taylor
Melanie Horsnell
Melissa Carper
Melissa Lauren
Mercedes Escobar
Michael & Nell Music For A Better World
Michael August
Michael R. J. Roth
Michele Stodart
Michelle Held
Michigan Rattlers
Mike Mullins
Mike Why
Miko Marks & The Resurrectors
Miriam Lieberman Trio
Mojave Robb and the Peyoteros
Molly Kollier
Monik Macias
Monique Clare
Montgomery Church
Moscow Apartment
Mostly Kosher
Mother Banjo
Muriel Anderson
Myles Bullen
Myron Elkins
Myshkin Warbler
Naomi Vernon
Naomi Westwater
Natalia Zukerman
Natalie D-Napoleon
Nataly Merezhuk
Nate Sabat
Nathan Evans Fox
Nathan Hamilton
Nathan May
Nathan Power
Nathi Gabashe
New Memphis Colorways
Nic Gareiss
Niccolo Seligmann
Nicholas James
Nichole Wagner
Nicki White
Nicolette Good
Nicolette Macleod
Nigel Wearne
Noah & Tommy of The Barefoot Movement
Noel Paul Stookey
Nora Brown
Norma MacDonald
Normal Fauna
Obsidian Son
Ol Billy Bob Boy
Olivia Dear
Olivia Frances
Open Book
Ordinary Elephant
Oshima Brothers
Over The Moon
Patty & Craig
Paul Gilbody
Paul McKenna Band
Pete Lanctot and Ginger Dolden
Pete Mancini
Peter Yarrow
Petty Chavez
Phil Greer
Phil Hurley
Philippe Bronchtein
Phillip Vonesh
Pia Nesvara
Pressgang Mutiny (sea shanties)
Pressing Strings
Pretty Archie
Queen Esther
Quique Escamilla
Rachael Davis
Rachael Kilgour
Rachael Sage
Rachel Bell for Eloise & Co.
Rachel Brooke
Rachel Hair & Ron Jappy
Rachel Laven
Rachel Lee Walsh
Rachel Sumner
Rachel Sumner
Raina Rose
Rainbow Girls
Raine Hamilton
Ramon Chicharon
Randy Lewis Brown
Randy Palmer
Raye Zaragoza
Rebecca Folsom
Rebecca Loebe
Red Yarn
Reely Jiggered
Reggie Garrett
Rich Davies and the Low Road
Richelle Sigrist
Rigby Summer
Riley Pearce
Rj Cowdery
Rob Falsini
Rob Kneisler
Rob Kneisler
Robbie Cavanagh
Rommel Ribeiro
Roosevelt Diggs
Rosemere Road
Rounder Songs: Emily Pinkerton & NOW Ensemble
Rui Fu
Ruth Hazleton & Daisywheel
Ruth Purves Smith
Ruth Wyand
Ry Cavanaugh
Ryan Bowers and the Brain Trust
Ryan Montbleau
Ryan Young
Ryc Ward
Sadie Gustafson-Zook
Sally Balfour
Sam Carter
Sam Lewis
Sam Shinazzi
Samantha Parton
Samson’s Delilah- The Dream Heavy Project
Sara Milonovich & Daisycutter
Sarah Jane Scouten
Sarah King
Sarah Morris
Sarah-Jane Summers & Juhani Silvola
Sarena Rae
Savannah Smith
Sawyer Fredericks
Scott Cook
Scott Nolan
Screaming Orphans
Sean Miller
Seth Bernard
Seth Glier
Severin Browne
Shaela Miller
Shandee Layne
Shane Alexander
Shane Pendergast
Shanna in a Dress
Shannon Carey
Shannon McNeal
Shelley Segal
Sierra Skye Baker
Signe Miranda
Silent Winters
Singalong Bill
Singer & the Songwriter
Siobhan Miller
Sir Orfeo
SJ McArdle
Snarky Sisterz
Sofia Rei
Sofia Tosello & Franco Pinna
Sons of East
Sophie Wellington
Southern Avenue
Spook Handy
Stac3y Bell
Stephen Clair
Stephen Fearing
Stephen Kellogg
Stephie James
Steve Brooks
Steve Dawson
Steve Poltz
Steve Postell
Steven Blane
Steven Hernandez
Sultans of String
Susan Ellenton
Susan Gibson
Susan Pepper
Suzie Ungerleider
Suzie Vinnick
Svavar Knutur
Sweet Cecilia
T Buckley
Taryn Seattle
Taylor Abrahamse
Taylor James Donskey
Teghan Devon
Tejon Street Corner Thieves
Tenzin Choegyal
Terra Lightfoot
Terra Spencer
Terri Hendrix & Lloyd Maines
The Accidentals
The Amanda Cook Band
The Annie Oakley
The Annie Oakley
The Bones of J.R. Jones
The Brothers Comatose
The East Pointers
The Faux Paws
The FingerPainters
The Ghost Of Paul Revere
the Good Graces
The Heart Collectors
The Kennedys
The Levins
The Likes of Jeff Pittman
The Little Unsaid
The Lonesome Bluenose Cowboy
The Mad Ferret Band
The Moxie Strings
The Multiverse
The Multiverse
The N!te Owls!
The New Graces
The OK Factor
The Okee Dokee Brothers
The Promise Is Hope + The Pinkerton Raid
The Rheingans Sisters
The Roe Family Singers
The Rough & Tumble
The Routes Quartet
The Shackleton Trio
The Singer & the Songwriter
The Southern Gothic
The Sweet Lillies
The Tennessee Screamers
The Ultrasounds – Todd & Megan
The War & Treaty
The War and Treaty
The Water Runners
The Wealthy West
The Weeping Willows
The Whispering Tree
The Whispering Tree
The Young Novelists
The Young Pixels
Thea Hopkins
Thea Hopkins
Thinking Outside the Blocks
This Way North
This Way North
Tim Easton
Tim Isberg
Tina Ross
Tom Prasada-Rao
Tom West
Tony Furtado
Track Dogs
Tracy Grammer
Travis Dolter
Tray Wellington
Treya Lam
Troubadours of Divine Bliss
Twelfth Day
Twisted Pine
Two Crows for Comfort
Two Shields
Uncle Devin
Vance Gilbert
Vanessa Peters
Via Mardot
Vienna Carroll
Violet Bell
Vivienne Wilder
Walter Parks
Wendy Waldman
Wes Weddell & Ailisa Newhall
West My Friend
What Time is it, Mr. Fox? Brian King
What We Embrace
Wil Merrell
Wild Ponies
Will Kimbrough
Will Scott
William Andrew Reveles
Willy Porter
Wilson Marks
Witch Prophet
Witches Leap
Wyatt Easterling
Xanthe Alexis
Yolanda Sangweni
Zachary Lucky
Zoe Bestel

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