Massachusetts Songwriter Confirms Mighty Sounds Fest Appearance, on Bill with Frank Turner & Black Flag

Worcester, MA songwriter Matt Charette’s album Lo-Fi High Hopes came out today. The heartening, hardy, bolstering Americana music is earning him some attention.

“Swinging” single (OK to share).

Here’s what we’re reading:

“[Lo-Fi High Hopes’] songs are terse yet turgid, detailing the need to overcome difficulties through honesty and insistence… He’s managed to bridge the divide between classic country and hardcore insurgence.”
–Lee Zimmerman, Relix Magazine, Jan./Feb., 2023

“[Charette’s] weathered brand of punk-tinged Americana [is] one of the highlights… of Boston music in general.”
–Michael O’Connor Marotta, Vanyaland, March 9, 2023

“One of the best local releases to come so far in this young year of 2023… He creates hard-hitting rock songs that seamlessly blend alternative, punk, country and Americana.”
–Rob Duguay, DigBoston, March 8, 2023

“Inimitable voice (one of my personal favorites) and his own unique brand of punk rock-inspired working man’s blues.”
–Jay Stone, Dying Scene, December 13, 2022

“Instantly grabs your attention and keeps it.”
–Melissa Clarke, Americana Highways, January 9, 2023

“Lo Fi High Hopes draws some inspiration from Steve Earle’s early-era Dukes release.”
–Jonathan Aird, Americana UK, February 20, 2023

“It’s roots music with a punk edge.”
–If It’s Too Loud, December 19, 2022

Charette has come full circle. Following a childhood listening to his folks’ Bonnie Raitt and John Prine cassettes and dropping out of high school in 10th grade, he began playing in punk and hardcore bands in Boston. When one of his favorite bands broke up, he saw its lead singer Lenny Lashley connect to the audience solo with just an acoustic guitar. Matt followed suit and has become a key songwriter in the Boston music scene, then playing support shows for bands like Lucero, Lydia Loveless, and Everlast. The end result is an incredible album that proves that Americana is where Charette belongs.

Matt Charette Tour Dates
March 10 – Atwood’s Tavern – Cambridge, MA (w/ Lenny Lashley)
March 11 – The Shaskeen – Manchester, NH (w/ The Latchkey Family Band, The Nightblinders)
April 5 – Silhouette – Allston, MA
April 14 – Newburyport Brewing – Newburyport, MA
May 16 – Hotel Vernon – Worcester, MA
June 9 – Plough & Stars – Cambridge, MA
June 16 – Dimenze X – Valašské Meziříčí, Czech Republic
June 17 – Kabinet Múz – Brno, Czech Republic
June 20 – Stalin Monument, Prague 7 Park – Prague, Czech Republic
June 23-26 – Mighty Sounds Festival – Tábor, Czech Republic (w/ Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls, Black Flag)